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Forty Winner Candidates of the Urban Innovation Competition

Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

Ministry of Urban Development and Construction

Urban Good Governance and Capacity Building Bureau 

Leveraging Urban Spending to maximize benefits of the Urban Poor (LUSUP)

Forty Winner Candidates of the Urban Innovation Competition With Their List of Projects 

Consultant:Africa BezaUniversity College


Code Name of candidate Project Title  
B-18 Merhin Mengesha feeds from wastes livestock and poultry
 feeds processing from fruit and vegetable wastes 
B-181 Liben Wakuma/Masresha straw build ethiopia  2
E-210 Engida Gashaw Evaporative air conditoner  3
D-62 Alemayehu Admasu production of lectucr chemical 4
D-134 Dereje Fikre Pedal assissted cloth washing machine 5
B-94 Eyob T/georgis Shoe polish cream 6
A-215 Tibeb Salashu establishing model modern waste recycling centers
 at bole kifle ketema by the pro-poor 
C-155 Biniam Tesfaye recycled plastics bottle collector solar water heater  8
E-5 Abiy Tekalign production of building material from solid waste
 (plastic and ash) 
C-76 Biniam Girma production of new technology engera backing plate  10
C-14 Solomon Sebsibe Feleke coble Stone cutting machine and   production 11
B-104 Tsegasitegn Korat gypsum blockholl  production   12
D-29 Yonas Alemayehu Re-usage of plastic wates  13
E-220 Birhanu Gadissa creating wealth and job from waste   14
C-138 Yonas Lemma  mobile and flexible spa 15
B-15 Solomon Sebsibe blockholl  production mado technology 16
C-108 Dereje Kussa Gudeta Re-usage of plastic wates  17
E-180 Feysel Musema   steam powered ironing machine  18
D-44 Haileleul Yitbarek suitable cement formwork 19
A-2 Sintabeba Fekede  bricket production machine  20
D-233 Mebrhatu Berhe electric powered stove 21
B-61 Getachew teshome design and production of modules
 (standardized parts) for electric mitad 
C-37 Yonas Shewangizaw  new method for waste segrigation 23
B-96 Bashah Abdela  Mela building scafold project  24
E-123 Almaz G/michael New traditional meal and drink production  25
D-259 Abdulfetah Ahmed solid waste handling&seggrigation method
 integration with manucipality 
A-193 Tariku Worku  leftover byproduct for production  27
E-82 Kaledawit Esmelalem Automatic digital incubator   28
A-167 Blen Solomon 3 types waving machines 29
C-50 Sustain Ethiopian Environment  Safety wear making from scrapped tannery,
 rubber and plastic products: waste to best fro street
sweepers, wastepickers, landfill site workers,
 leopracy patients as well as people exposed for
hazardous chemicals  
B-172 Ashenafi Mussie Household material production machine 31
E-216 Yohannes Gizaw Empower the Pro-poor to green Addis Ababa
 for better living standard of the urban 
C-227 Gebre Erensa Tridle Pump layout   33
B-67 Beharu Dargie bllata petpleum manufacturing enterprise  34
A-198 Kindie Asmamaw urban landscaping design and beautification  35
A-68 G/meskel G/egziabher vegitable bin & blockholl  production machine

 from palstic and sand 
C-36 Getahun Debessie Agazh\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' water pumping machine 37
B-72 Anasimos Tekalign Green Addis Landscaping  38
D-225 Anteneh Birhanu  Integrated  poultry and bakery project 39
D-211 Tewodros Gizaw Market for development 40


  April, 2014, Addis Ababa

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